Forever in My Dreams

Forever in my dreams, where dreamer flown.
To the world above and greatly renown.
For its constant bubble, scaling of height.
Into the dawning sea and eventful light,
To dream the dream of dreamer’s love,
Yet we stall our mind to fiction above.
Belong to life and green-blue flow,
To reddish hearts that we greatly show.

((Yet the thread has fade in queer content
Where souls to wonder the cosmic event.
To places afar across the moon,
Into the unknown, starry boon.
The costing light of spending ways,
To role such life and forever sways..
Attend the heart of your reddish hue,
With eyes shall shine like morning dew.))

Yet what to form in a fabric of dreams,
Canvas of black like endless streams.
A place that would blossom to call and spent.
Or shrivel in cold of crooked bent.
Daring to care the audience glare,
Wrought with hope or season despair.
Neither the hour for darkness to shroud
For nightmare chains the victims crowd

And now it come, the end of nigh,
For all the things that come so high.
Now you glimpse the dark and light,
That forever be bound in a mistress sight.
The cast was set and be and done,
For dreams to end and come and gone.
Awake you did from such a dream,
To face the real and sunlight beam.

So yes, the song that made me inspire was none other than Thomas J. Bergesen and Nick Phoenix (excuse of my misspelling) or in other words, Two Steps from Hell. This song was the moment I have to write, cause it blown my mind away.

And now, I leave to the audience, enjoy.

Music: Forever in my Dreams by Two Step from Hell

Artwork: Dream


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