Charm, Grace,
Sly, slim;
Eyes that trace,
Purple, grim.
Elder glow,
Winter stone;
Beauty that show,
How she have grown.

Dragon within,
The blood of might;
Her words are a sin,
Her playful delight.
She pull of their string,
No one would deny;
To hear the song she sing,
That made man’s heart gone fly.

Swift as a lightning storm,
Wings of a mockingjay;
Silent steps, angel’s form,
Of shadowy way.
Personal treasure,
Lust from far and wide;
Journey, pleasure,
A thief inside.

Waiting, sitting,
Where stone meet flesh;
Eyes, glancing,
Coin, purse, fresh.
Chance of wealth,
Hunt to prey;
Life, health,
Time, stay

Note: Syllables

Skyrim01 by VanRipper

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