Cold, grime,
Life falls.
Snow, time,
Death calls.
Ease yon,
Trail, frost.
No fun,
Path, trust.

Journey heart,
Maps unknown.
Doom from start,
Fool’s gold shown.
Thief was quick,
Sack of prey.
Fool to pick,
Threat to stay.

Flee from danger,
Guards on her tail.
Lost through winter,
Her life now pale.
Weather, horrid,
No food, not lot.
Dire, morbid,
She’ll freeze and rot.

Day that turns tonight,
Darkness spread the land.
Fearing for her blight,
For death close at hand.
Soon her fate would come,
She hold till the last.
But found of a home,
Beneath the winter’s cast.

A cave she eager through,
A chance away from death.
To there she rest renew,
Tomorrow’s morning breath.
With tired eyes that sleep,
Weary of the outside.
Voices were heard from deep,
Very soon that reside.

Image that appear,
Intent for the soul.
Chosen not by fear,
Charts that change her role.
Gift that was given,
Gentle and serene,
Peck to make her lighten,
Place of hope and green.

The dawn then rise,
She feels alive.
With opened eyes,
For sun arrive.
As snow turn calm,
Te road much clear.
The trails that’s from,
To there and here.

Spark alight,
A power surge.
Gasp to sight,
Flames emerge.
Hand she grasp,
Pain not there.
Sudden gasp,

Eyes, hope,
Grim, not.
Proud, cope,
Strange lot.
Here, now,
Soon, see.
Mage, show,
Thief, be.

skyrim02 by VanRipper

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