Experiment #2: The Raven Scheme

Before the Frost

Once upon the war of night where corpses filled in red countless sight
From the bitter snow that even death would smile in joyous at best.
To some, but few, that survive the war, the urge for freedom and more.
Here the fools that brave with iron core through beyond to the forest,
Here they hope for another day that enter beyond to the forest
Where they must pass a test.

Afar they stray with mournful heart, away from war that’s about to start
Those succumb by the two greater might until one succeeds the rest.
The snow brings cruelty that neither nature bestow such mercy
Breaking, shattering away the bloody path to which they are blessed
There’s nothing, more dreaming, to stumble yon the light that they are blessed
The warm embrace close to their chest

With their lantern light now glowing, dimmer and dimmer brightening
Where the shadows stalk in silent sight over their entrapped guest.
Their hearts are beating, eating their pride that left of an empty husk.
As one by one they fell to the biting cold of lady mistress,
Their corpses now eaten by the shadows of lady mistress
Until one remain for the test.

Cold then entrap the broken soul that’s grim with pale without a goal,
For the last chance of his life fleeting, fading from his mortal chest.
Yet man strives to the point of break, unsure to what stories would make
Of the barren footprints that the shadows now trail of the soul’s crest.
That attach with iron and steel and sweat and zeal of the soul’s crest
To which the man burst from his chest.

‘Here me you damn beasts,’ said he. ‘Away with your vicious glares of dread
Or suffer the blade that I coat in blood for the Emperor’s crest.
That over a hundred I’ve slain, over a lie that I retain.’
Night then slightly grew darker, shadows forming in sudden unrest
Night slightly turn much grimmer, such beasts howling in sudden unrest
For one submits the final test.

Shadow beast that’s approaching, never pause the blade that he’s holding
That the weary soul ponders with sheer fright, lay frozen still at rest.
Upon the gaze of the silver moon, light then shine on the eve of noon.
As the size of the beast is twice that he couldn’t defeat at best
Not even the years of battles that he couldn’t defeat at best
With the beast’s snout that’s near to his chest.

He ponders greatly even more, confuse by the curious beast.
He stands where he is, unable to stir that he cannot protest.
In great amount of time his eyes wandered that he didn’t mind
Of the golden eyes, radiant like the yellow sun that’s been blessed
Tiger eyes of the valiant beast whose yellow eyes that’s been blessed
With quote, the beast, “You have passed the test.”

Note: I could say one thing, it is considered a failure in my part. Tried out the style that Edgar Allen Poe used on ‘The Raven’. Clearly not so well.

Children by Arrhart


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