Giants They Were

Music: Peaceful Sky

Up on high on the mountain top,
Where giants roam till their hearts then stop.
All that remains of the rugged, heavy stone,
Their bodies turned, but of rock and bone.
Their muscle grew and roots dug deep,
Mountains they are in their eternal sleep.
In utter silence, life began to fold,
In utter peace, a village now unfold.

From time throughout, tales become myth,
It was a fictional lore, from a word blacksmith.
Yet the wonders it tells of the giants that roam,
That dwells beyond the skyland home.
Such hope inspire to the generous youth,
Minds that fill with falsified truth.
Many then wonder that settle beyond,
But none come back of the goal they prone.

Yet one girl whose heart had comes to age,
Of the old, they protest, with scornful rage.
A passion empowers this generous youth,
Who seek to find the ultimate truth?
Secrets behind these noble giants,
Cause behind their disappearance.
An eager adventure, she journeys away,
As she packs in her bag, as bright, as day.

From up above the Old Time hill,
And tread below she scream with thrill.
She pass on a bridge, she used to play,
Of heroines and beasts, an imagine day.
But this is a world that’s real and alive,
That she, head forth, where adventurers thrive.
Her eyes now glued with a courage heart,
As dawn then set, for her, to start.

Several weeks that turns to month,
She saw such wonder of nature’s stunt.
All such beauty that burned with color,
Emerald grass and fire-ruby amber.
But days gone by she saw such truth,
That scarred the soul of this frighten youth.
For there was something that lurk beneath,
Shadowy beasts with sharp, dog-like, teeth.

Such terror of this world, she wouldn’t submit,
Nor give to pause of this evil permit.
Countless monsters, large, grim and black,
Who stick to the night that no one can track.
There she brave through on from thick and thin,
That would make the soul be pale with grim.
And through and through, she reaches at last,
For her eyes then gaze the mountain cast.

Those that came either quit or split,
Or fell to death by the monster’s pit.
The Deathly Mountain, a title of bane,
Death was there and all such flame.
She walks and scales the mountain top,
Faster and faster her heat cannot stop.
And reach she did, with blood and tears,
Sweat trickle down her likely fears.

It was a sudden urge, to every youth,
Of stories that fill with bitter truth.
But it was just as it were, a fictional tale,
That she learn to gaze the empty vale.
No giants of light, no corpses in sight,
A fool she was and the many of blight.
The wasted time that she hope to meet,
For wind and rock was there to greet.

Lost in defeat, she retreat back down,
To only be stop that made her frown.
A sudden quake, the mountain stirs,
That she trip and fell in sudden blur.
In moment pause, she spot a sight,
Queer and strange it comes to light.
A largely figure that so far away,
As the stories were true and it brighten her day.

Art: Together by Frakieperez24


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