Life long,
Life short.
Death’s song
Death snort.
Thin line,
Thin snap.
Fee trap.

Cave alone,
Cave unsure.
Magic shown,
Magic pure.
Life renew,
Life now strange.
Thief’s review,
Thief’s derange.

Settle to light,
Settle to yearn.
Master of bright,
Master to learn.
Veteran’s gain,
Veteran’s hope.
From sweat and pain,
From time to cope.

Here for long good break,
Here she stay to greet.
Not to shy or shake,
Not to feel the sleet.
Trail beyond she bring,
Trail of open road.
Long her music sing,
Long that ancient code.

Eyes that soon set,
Eyes on the front.
Treasure, she set,
Treasure, she hunt.
Night turns to day,
Night risen stars.
Sleep for the ray,
Sleep of its scars.

Through the dark,
Through the light.
Fire’s mark,
Fire’s bright.
Thief on prowl,
Thief’s pursuit,
purr and growl,
Purr too cute.

Take on,
Take less.
Find yon,
Find stress.
Fight hard,
Fight long.
Sing bard,
Sing strong.

 skyrim03 by Vanripper

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