The Spectacular Quiet

The stars, all with light and motion,
Confluent gems, with singular notion.
Dreams that would reach, a threshold of stars,
To hope one day, to extend and far.
Such progress, such problems occur,
Within the bastion of home that blurs.
There’s an utter silence, beyond that blacken pearl,
That made, your mind, in a constant swirl.

Oh, to the days that we embrace the space,
Chart worlds and craft fleets to trace.
The final frontier toward man’s righteous goal,
Could bloom an age that’s good for the soul.
And yet, such hope are just fictional dream,
For we are but beasts, who bark loud and scream.
In greatness of fear if humanity was ready?
To take such burden into the next reality?

Such spectacular quietness that I could hear,
The empty calm that drives my fear.
There’s no better death to relent such sorrow,
To what humanity has done and days of tomorrow.
I could only wish to the stars,
Confluent gems, that’s away and far.
So here I go, to world by world
To scour beyond the cosmic swirl.

Light & Motion – The Spectacular Quiet

Lights & Motion


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