The Unknown Tree (Full Version)

Eyes open wide from a long, stagnant sleep,
Where vines and roots that dug so deep.
She found herself, alone and afraid,
In an empty room that’s heavy and weighed.
From a rusty place that left a scene,
Her sight then gaze the evil green.
And wander she did, curious she remain,
For her to long this ruin domain.

In guess to sight the utter barren,
A broken house with spores that’s rotten.
A corpse she gaze in a gruesome fashion,
Limbs were torn and hearts now bludgeon.
A message was found in a crumpled note,
Frighten words that stain in crimson coat.
Of a creature that live in a forgotten place,
Not even a soul could find this eerie race.

As she tread, deeper and deeper with intent,
That curious mind of hers would be her end.
The trail is less of death and rubble,
Yet that present feeling of uneasy trouble.
And sudden pause to hear a sound,
Heavy and large it stomped the ground.
She stands to wait, frozen in still,
With her eyes that glued in fearful will.

Beyond that foggy, irritable mist,
A shadow looms that forms and twist.
A creature so large and inhuman no doubt,
With branches protrude that was coming out.
Its glowing eyes, golden and rabid,
A hint of sadness that looks so morbid.
Their eyes then met as she remain to wait,
Of the end that comes, her unknowable fate.

Such sight, the creature wailed its cry,
Dreadful surmounts its terrible reply.
Its painful noise was loud and quick,
She flees in haste in a sudden click.
Heavy footsteps pursuit this frighten maiden,
As her cries for help will only lessen.
She ran and ran and never looks back,
For the creature, behind, followed her tracks.

So tell me this, little one,
Would your fate in death or none?




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