Face Feathers

[Rask] First Light

Child, let me tuck you in bed,
Of a tale that must be read.
Of a majestic race from long ago,
Whose wings that stretch and long they show.
Yet one fateful night, their time was done,
Their valiant wings now vanish and gone.
For, once upon a time, a hero was sent forth,
To discover the cause behind Old Wood North.

Venture into the heart of the sacred land,
With soul burn bright, true and grand.
With every step the light grew dim,
Darkness raves at every whim.
Gather around upon this foolish soul,
Who toys his thoughts in restless goal?
Yet what tricks they did to no avail,
That made them curse and set and sail.

With effort and steel, determine zeal,
Deeper he trail to the stone mark seal.
The place to where the griffins lay,
Strange and queer their mysterious ways.
And at night, in campfire light,
He watches the stars gone very bright.
With heavy eyes, he wanders to sleep,
For dawn’s golden rays they keep.

Light creeps to the open green of field,
Autonomous to where the light may yield.
By determine stance, a shadow from the sky,
Gigantic their forms to which they lie.
With gust of vale awake the hero’s slumber,
To his weary eyes of two, deviant monsters.
Yet, in jovial heart, he expresses such glee,
Of the vanish race as clear to see.

So child, how is this going to end?
Would our hero be better amongst the men?

He approach in a calm, regal manner,
And bow before to the lord of masters.
The first he saw, was a gentle white snow,
And the other like sea as deep it shows.
“Lords, why must you flee?
Isn’t the sky that you wanted to be?
Why must you fade in distant memory?
I thought you were free?”

The white griffin, with eyes as black as pearl,
Lean gently close in a curious swirl.
She gazes upon this courageous soul,
But naïve he was and naïve his goals.
In the hero’s eyes, hope turns to fear,
As the beastly face, opens to veer.
A face, within a face, the hero stared right now,
Never knowing what, why and how?

“Naive youth,” said the face, within a face,
“Our time has set as well for our race.
All that we are, you favor us so,
But there’s a secret they must never know.
For we are the last to then depart,
We do not belong here from the start.
We are, but flies, across distant planes,
So we release this world and its pain.”

The griffins left as the tale would predict,
The hero returns without a word to speak.
Remain he was, silent and evermore,
Forever keeps the griffin lore.
There is much to explain and to be said,
Of a trail that’s deep to be lead.
Yet stories are just stories, we may never know,
So rest, my child, you have a clearing to show.

Short Version: http://youtu.be/m0Zq4CVtcz4

Art: http://jameszapata.deviantart.com/art/To-Fathom-Her-Mysteries-508629462


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