Eyes lied straight,
The signs are clear.
Known by fate,
From luscious leer.
Turn aside,
Turn around.
Long back,
To home safe sound.

A simple merchant,
No harm, no done.
Just a stroll,
For fresh air and fun.
And take a drink,
To spend his coin.
Luxurious wine,
And honey pork loin.

A feast he did,
On a joyous day.
Relief he bids,
The bill he pays.
But eyes on him,
A cold chill crawls.
By feline’s glare,
Behind they sprawl.

White spotty tail,
With devious glare.
Along with her friend,
Of orange cat flare.
Their yes on the bag,
Filled with loot and gold.
Intended to snag,
Like the days of old.

The merchant depart,
To his home, his world.
A journey begins,
By two devious girls.
He then takes a route,
A shortcut no less.
And without a doubt,
The felines were bless.

He leads them to an alley,
Devoid from the crowd.
The felines were at the ready,
Waiting to cast their shroud.
With the merchant now calm,
Alone and physically unfit.
He came to a pause,
To meet an orange Khajiit.

She stood in his way,
With a mischievous grin.
With her blades at bay,
She was tall and thin.
The merchant, now startle,
Turns to step back.
To only he finds,
That he was being track.

From the other end,
A white Khajiit nearby.
With fire at her hand,
She’s rather sly.
The merchant then cornered,
From back and front.
With desperate plea,
Of this illegal hunt.

But, the crime was done,
For him and his gold.
The Khajiits were on the run,
And a bit more to hold.
With his body down strip,
That painful ache in his groin.
He curse, under his breath,
“I shouldn’t, have ordered, the pork loin.”

He should have ordered the veggies.


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