The Last Duty

Cloudy Day

There’s a strange, ethereal glow,
Dormant that remains the world it shows.
And trail before the reaches plane,
Distant so queer the world has stain.
He walks through yon those entrapped field,
Silence and broken like his heart that wield.
To ponder still upon these restless days,
Before such time that end his ways.

A form he changes from light and dark,
High and low it leaves its mark.
An ancient soul that travels far,
That crosses the land like countless stars.
From morbid death through valley stretch,
To cities built like artist that sketch.
Yet time soon wanes such delicate life,
As more and more they spread their strife.

Beauty fades like a flower that’s wilt,
Of a previous age that nature has built.
In slower death that greed has done,
With the last that stands that’s left or none.
A reclusive bastion, a place to rest,
Exile and alone and gone at best.
Where the very last moons he once enjoy,
With life that bound such color joy.

Yet alone no more his home was found,
By a sudden guest he smells the ground.
His eyes then gaze, hidden from sight,
Of a lonesome girl that showered in light.
Delicate and young without any doubt,
Who stand in wait for a simple way out?
For she remain lost, constant in more,
As hope dims within her core.

Little care of this departed heart,
Little care he refuses to part.
For duty bounds he must act,
Like ancient days of honor pact.
And though he scorn this sudden urge,
And just be rid this soul and purge.
For only choice he has to do,
Escort her back to urban view.

Child of light, fragile and small,
Never know what to do at all.
Her fearful mind surrounds and warps,
That race to become a gruesome corpse.
Blindness consume her very eyes,
For death then speaks for her to die.
Each time she feels the inevitable sleep,
For darkness comes the eternal deep.

When life begins to rot and dwindle,
A guide appears to ease her trouble.
His form then glow in a pure of white,
Like puff of flake in field of blight.
For the child tread with ever print,
And trace she did her feet then sprint.
From left and right and up and down,
That left the woods to urban town.

He fades in a snap from the public view,
As her parents arrive, their hopes renew.
The child was safe and sound at last,
But the ancient was not as well as his past.
A moment he spot the crude machines,
Blades that’s sharp with horrible scene.
Such fate has drawn to a closing end,
To him and life such hope that mends.

In months then soon the forest was gone,
His life, his home, all left but none.
He returns at last to the Maker’s side,
Forever, forever, now buried alive.
Till long such home was replace with steel,
House and buildings that’s cold to feel.
The Traveler’s time was set in stone,
Of his final work that he stage alone.


The Last Duty (Long Version):


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