The Rat Escape

The Broken Man

There’s a secret that nobody knows,
Of a rat who found a haven show.
Who escape a place with scissors and pen,
With syringe and wires and labcoat men.
The tests perform were cold and grim,
Like puppet he was to their every whim.
His chance then came for freedom at last,
His ordeal was done and his horrid past.

An expandable use, a thousand to one,
Their minds were fools that test were fun.
The brutal deeds the labcoats perform,
Insidious result and bodies deform.
A life of puppets and overall dream,
Used, discard and wasted scream.
Till one emerge that’s sane and smart,
Who plan to escape this difficult part.

Others have risen, others have try,
All in all that comes to die.
Fear that takes them in helplessness,
That’s far more worse than death and stress.
But remain at still, vigilant and strong,
His hear now flares the fire’s song.
And when chance arrive, he give no pause,
And leave his friends for a greater cause.

From terrible works to the outdoor world,
To the green of life, he dash and whirl.
And hide through the bush, alone and free,
Until his eyes then gaze on something to see.
In front was a pond, in ripple blue,
The rat then approach for a closer view.
And as if the story was about to end,
Another had risen, by a colorful friend.

Distracted reflection for the very first time,
The rat was startle that blown his mind.
For an aquatic mammal, all scale, all bright,
For the sun reflect in an orange light.
It was a fish that the rat observe,
Another first time that jump his nerve.
The scaly fish swims from back and front,
And leaps into the air in a graceful stunt.

Amaze the rat by the Carassius grace,
A spark ignite in a warm embrace.
To even more his heart skip twice,
Of a sudden burst for his fellow mice.
His friends remain, trap by science,
Labcoat men as tall as giants.
The rat must decide to stay or go,
To rescue his kind or forsake to show.

In what result that maybe,
The rat was overall free.
His time in the wood was quiet and calm,
That he earn his place on his little palm.
And everyday, from day or night,
He brings a bag of treats delight.
Till long and due as old and weak,
To feed his friends in their colorful meek.



Short Version:


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