The Avarice Hero

Found & Lost

Distant and barren the hero arrive,
A town that fell but remain to strive.
For the gentle folk that continue this day,
That brave the front of scorching ray.
But the hero’s purpose to gain such wealth,
Care such less the town or people’s health.
His greed then bring this momentous event,
Of a dormant beast that wouldn’t relent.

With charm and ritual, he voice the crowd,
The opposite sex were deeply aroused.
His deed provide an info of tale,
Of a maiden beaut from Canyon Vale.
Whose elegant grace from a forgotten land,
Where she remain in exquisite grand.
How she retain such eternal youth,
But question not less when time to boot.

The dream of a hero, all splendid galore,
A breath of gold and dish in store.
Such pseudo deeds to save this town,
To bring the place and people down.
In a covert face that hid his mask,
All deceive by his hopeful task.
The hero, the fake, set off to claim,
Drop to the course of avarice fame.

Upon the trail, he device a plan,
To lure he beast for ultimate grand.
A bait was need and settle a trap,
That brought the beast in town of scrap
The quest succeed he retrieve such boon,
The beast enrage at the people so soon.
The gentle folk now dead and gone,
Innocent lives for the hero`s fun.

In great mount of haste the hero conspire,
To his every heart of desire.
Carried the loot whatever he can,
A cowardly and foolish man.
The ruin town was done by beastly wrath,
Bodies were littered in bloody path.
Yet the hero couldn’t find the eternal maiden,
The beast in range, he scurry and quicken.

A greater day his pockets are full,
The town and folk are utter fools.
Boundless wealth, to sight behold,
Hero’s reign now over and fold.
In fruit success his life define,
Excellent man with taste refine.
Years of good that none deny,
Hero of avarice that he used and lie.

But years went by, the hero turn villain,
Whispers and guilt were beyond of reason.
As old age summon the restless dead,
Where screams alone the mourning dread.
Each day his heart then sink,
For the very life was on the brink.
In restless days he return the field,
That barren place where he gamble and yield.

A stagnant time that waits his chance
Of ruin town and bones he glance.
The villain march in that silent domain,
As the ghostly voice that drive him insane.
To familiar road, the beast still lay,
Rabid teeth and viscous in its way.
His heart no long the fear of death,
By this putrid and beastly breath.

Contact ignite, in epic duel,
Man and beast both utter cruel.
Blade was sharp and ready to strike,
Before the beast that he greatly dislike.
With effort and blood, death soon calls,
Beast and man with a viscous thrall.
The victor he was against the beast,
To stop the monster’s dinner feast.

Yet felt he did the coming fear,
Life now fades and growing near.
Wails of ghosts that give no pause,
With vengeance for blood in greater cause.
He wanders long with wounds very deep,
His eyes then long the eternal sleep.
Defiant heart, that he present,
For the final, resting event.

Only silence the trail he goes,
Broken and damage, he grimly shows.
To the eve of darkness, alone and more,
The dead appear in gruesome gore.
Soon the hours that’s close to death,
Words then fade from his breath.
Battered body his soul depart,
Where shadow looms in his heart.

Before the soul that fade this world,
His path now block by a maiden girl.
For she was the one, the town has told,
The eternal youth of millennium old.
For she weaves a silk like spider’s web,
A patient hunter like a leaf on ebb.
Such gentle eyes, so innocent, so fair,
Who feast the soul of a villain’s flare.



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