Here in This World

Dimensional Gate

Here in this of lonely world,
Before the little girl.
Hear them dream of this world,
Belonging to the girl.
And wrap by their wishes,
Like school of color fishes.
Her voice then bring a lullaby,
From steps of one to three.

Here in this of happy world,
Smiling at the girl.
Hear them cheer this world,
Praying for the little girl.
And light soon came to order,
Her world now change then after.
Yet shroud of black through people’s heart,
That crave for more and just a start.

Here in this of crowded world,
Sad to say for the little girl.
Hear them cry upon this world,
Shouting at the little girl.
Though tired heart her spirit was torn,
Final fate for the restless born.
In vigil sight that turn to tears,
As dust perform the worst of fears.

So here, in this world, she left her home,
To start once more the journey she roam.



Music Version:


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