Soliditary Moment

Mad the Merchant,
In style and fluent.
To beyond and forth,
Never the North.

The feline of vale,
White spotty tail.
Align to pilfer,
The gold like other.

With arm in a hold,
Men whose iron but bold.
They travel to the next,
Written upon text.

While another scene,
She remain at keen.
In peace and in light,
For the loot in sight.

She spring to trail,
The Mad and its tail.
Alone and in brave,
Of the gold she crave.

Mad would follow in pace,
With men behind and trace.
His ways to trade the coin,
In packs of meat pork-loin

Yet from the nature she sprang,
Dust and smoke and fire that rang.
For Mad and Kat, again they meet,
For merchant and mage to greet.


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