End of Eternity

Old Memories

Somewhere…in the middle of eternity,
Lies a fade that chain the free.
Where a simple soul that lost to effect,
Gone to the wind with life now infect.
But bored as such to trivial matter,
Able to string the thread of amber.
The crimson source to every life,
Amongst their deeds of pride and strife.

So one day she decide to change,
Her every will and all its range.
She compose the thread in sight to see,
To replace her life and destiny.
And bloom renew her roles reverse,
Simple days she shun the perverse.
Golden age that present of more,
For the price that stain in grim galore.

As she dance, so frivolous with joy,
The time she has to use and ploy.
For her only life begins to crumble,
Balance that’s broken as simple to humble.
Such the ways of a promise dream,
Chance for her to live in the stream.
But the punish alone was proof enough,
A poor little soul, a diamond in the rough.

Here’s to the end of eternity,
Scorn by choice that she want to be.
Yet fate decide to let her live,
A punish that’s worse than death to give.
So renew those strings, my poor little soul,
For this is a start of a prison role.
Chain to bind for the lifeblood thread,
As I shall judge with vigilance and dread.

Art: Middle of Eternity by Nanfe

Music: Old Memories by Piano-Freak

YouTube: End of Eternity


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