The Mad’s Demon

Awaiting [Kogasu]

Over the sea in long distant of land,
A soul to dream with ambition at hand.
Yet bane of past the demon stirs,
Fiendish springs to claim his world.
In vessel sail to stumble a path,
Bodies float on water bath.
Grim of horror on a wider scale,
As darkness form the wind and vale.

For there was a person name Finn Carey,
Who wish to cross the valiant sea.
But tangle in mix of the Devil’s charm,
That wish, to claim, his soul to harm.
And bound on restless, inescapable bond,
Misery and pain that he seems to fond.
Such hope to win that stain to plague,
Of promise vow that blurs and vague.

If potential dims such light,
Then times must change to sight.
If Finn must crave of hope esteem,
Then desperate times to reap such dream.
But end remain in shroud of tale,
A page defines in certain mail.
For fire’s rays that none would sleep,
To better grasp the intrigue to keep.

And how would Finn can win such foe?
Where Devil reigns the fire’s glow.

Art: Arrayed in Flames by bear56

Music: Awaiting [Kogasu]


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