Summer lit

Warm sun,
Dried grass.
Cold wind,
Laze ass.
Kitty feel,
Kitty sit.
Summer roll,
Summer lit.

Winds now howling,
Forever more.
That days gone by,
Such life in store.
For moment of time,
There’s nothing to fear.
Golden rays that shine
That’s far and so near.

Wish the days not cease,
Bask in golden light.
Father weather smiles
As beaut form such sight.
So afternoon
While silent reign.
There from afar,
The path remain.

Stand up now,
And step forth.
Reach to meet,
To group, north.
In time,
She wish.
A meal,
Of fish.

Note: Alright the last two line seems bleh, so sue me. :/

Art: skyrim07 by Vanripper

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