To There and Yon


This is a story in the morning toll,
Where man and dog then gaze and stroll.
Unknown path their goal must reach,
Beyond to trail that learn and teach.
With friend at side, to follow’s end,
Loyal reside to support and lend.
For two remains their journey march,
The goals to meet this wasteland parch.

But where must go and where must find,
Such the goals his head now bind.
To purpose or care that shroud in fate,
Righteous heart or bitter hate?
And how their path would come to an end?
Tales that string the future intend.
To roads that lead and here to show,
Step outside and learn to go.

On a quest, that he, must meet,
How the worlds react to greet?

Art: A Morning Pilgrimage by Ninjatic

Music: Return by Noisysundae

Youtube Version


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