Adventurous Cat

The Adventure Begins b

On a lonely road of dirt and muck,
Of wind that blows the trees they struck.
Against the branches they swing and swerve,
Nature’s way that’s here to serve.
For there is harmony within the zone,
A mystic force to call of their own.
And from the trails, where life sustain,
By a feline cat that’s curious to retain.

This little one has a bigger dream,
To cross beyond the valiant stream.
A stream of roads where man once build,
Beyond the charts the man has wield.
And tread the wishes of the friends to part,
Who warn of man’s wicked heart.
Yet nothing will stop this impetuous friend,
Who dares to strive on the road at end.

Additional Content…

And left its home to wide, open sky,
The wet roads seemed warm and dry.
To sight upon a peculiar place,
A house of stone and a man’s harden face.
The cat approach, hidden from sight,
Stealth from the shadow and not the light
It observe the man in his daily chore,
Curious and curious it wanted it more.

Yet careless act it startled the man,
His morbid eyes turn soft and bland.
It tries to scurry, realizing its blight,
But the man got hold, so firm and tight.
Fear ensures, the feline resist,
Claws and fangs with inch of persist.
For the man is calm that gives out a smile,
The adorable cat that’s cute in its style.

If a man is born to serve the war,
His soul now scarred and evermore.
A life of vain, no honor or goal,
On the field of death that end his role.
For the probable days that escape his fate,
From a virulent dream, he despises and hate.
A barbarous traitor that waits to be judge,
Warp by animosity he couldn’t budge.
The cat is carried to his humble abode,
And gently lay for the cat to roam.
As the giant man then wonder off,
It hides on a couch that acts all tough.
Except for a smell of warm, milky cream,
A taste so divine that’s extravagant to dream.
With a gentle smile and his rough, bitten hand,
It purrs and doze into slumber land.

For the man is content of his life,
A memory of peace against the strife.
When the sound outside his fate was sealed,
Horses, and men, and clattered steel.
The man, the traitor, carry his friend,
To a comfy bed to offer amend.
His anxious breath, this broken man,
It’s the time to go out with a bang.

And, as darkness comes on the silent night,
The wind whistles that awake the light.
For the moon was bright that awaken the cat,
Who toss and turn and tumbles on the mat.
Alarmed, it sprang to its feet,
To then wait whatever comes to meet.
For silence was the only thing it hears,
No beasts, no man, no rain or tears.

Just the eerie quietness that envelop the room,
All by itself, the cat left very soon.
It did not find the kind, old man,
Except the scent of blood that’s in the land.
The house of stone is but a total wreck,
Blood smears against the wall it check.
The cat had left in the jewel skies,
For home is back where the forest lies.

As it would never see the man again,
His fate remains by barbarous men.

Art: Blue forest by fear-sAs

Music: The Adventure Begins b by NGXmusical



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