A New World

Out from the waking sea to the outside world,
Journey beyond where waves then hurl.
And daily glimpse of the final home,
As vessel sails today they roam.
As hands would raise the sailing mast,
Opulent hopes upon the ocean vast.
A chapter is ink by a written tale,
Stories that sets like the winds of vale.

For a group of folk with similar dream,
Now feast in scores of meat and cream.
To sing the song to mother weather,
And bring the trails of peace and better.
Such valiant men that risk of their own,
Loyalty bounds they greatly shown.
A prelude upon the gates of storm,
That wish and pray to never been born.

A violent urge of wind and sea,
Where graves they drown for all to be.
Placable might for the eternal sleep,
Where men shall dwell they sink the deep.
Stranger path, even more than once,
Blacken force they jump and pounce.
Steal of men to the waking blue,
Until all that’s left for them to view.

By the next of early dawn,
Vessel of life now fled they spawn.
Except for a soul of singular heart,
Whose trail begins in a perilous start.
Wash ashore upon the dull, untameable land,
Rise and breathe of salt and sand.
The world is yours and all such splendor,
New tales shall weave of many more.

Art: Crusoe by ourlak

Music: A New World by Mattashi

YouTube Version


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