Frontier Above

An Open Frontier

As high beyond the dreams we make,
The constant tools to mold and break.
The stars of light on middle of night,
To hold, express, the human light.
For when man decides to soar up high,
Puncture through the border sky.
Infinite clays before the storm,
Places were made and ships now form.

Never to dull the restless ground,
Never to dream that sleep as sound.
Frontiers of man, not final to count,
Or the limit that weighs in great amount.
For the skies…beyond the skies,
To space for pearls to which they lies.
No man would find the comfort to know,
Or how their dreams came real…to show.

In prologue step to eternity,
Stretch the wings and soar to be.
If time to last this final day,
None would know of every day.

Art: Frontier Skies by JoeyJazz

Music: An Open Frontier

YouTube Version


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