The Lad’s Tick

Don’t let it in

A mother, who raise me from my bed,
I was toss around, abandon instead.
Never know the right to lead,
The harsh life I’ve grown to bleed.
And the seeds that started it all,
Spread such taints, the bitter it crawl.
But allow my tale be heard and right,
Let my evils be gone to light.

From the start, I’ve grown to despise,
I cross the point to known the lies.
The life and world that left me blind,
The unmistakable click upon my mind.
Not a care to share or breathe,
They toss me around like wave of breeze.
And nothing can stop this sudden click,
My mind shall rage this unmistakable tick.

It grew and grew, never know to stop,
A greatly urge, whispering at the top.
I feel my thoughts now burn away,
That is here and exact to stay.
What is this seed that implant in me?
Is this the path I claim to be?
Implore I did to assist my goal,
But none would help this fragile soul.

Again, upon the fields of fire,
It calls and begs with every desire.
The tick tocks in my brain,
That carves my head in pain.
As time rolls by, I grew to plan,
The whispers cried in every grand.
Yes, my name, a title I forget,
A lord I am on this miserable bet.

A bet that I forever embrace,
It can never stop, unable to erase.
The tick in my head that I hear,
A fate I’ve grown out of fear.
This rotten skin, this fragile form,
Why in hells was I even born?
With every tool of lies and scheme,
I construct the fate that’s in front of me.

In the end, the people were right,
Fear and dread correct in sight.
A seedling gate, born by my mind,
Along the tick that made me blind.
If I knew the purpose of this gate,
I shatter the fields and my fate.
Yet, as I stand, in whole with life,
Overlord shall come and all its strife.

Art: Dark Seed by Shahab Alizadeh

Music: Don’t let it in by Morteth9

YouTube Version


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