Lady’s Guardian

Guadians of Old

Consider to see, the lady to be,
Kind and frail she smiles with glee.
Bound to end by angelic voice,
For this I swear and that’s my choice.
And if the land go ruin with vine,
I guard the grave of lights divine.
No time shall halt, not man nor fate,
Belong to her, I stand the gate.

Ah, to miss her charm and grace,
Her mark remains that’s long to trace.
She brought a drive that change the world,
From fools who dare to harm a girl.
And yet, I see, a fool on the front,
Who claims to serve in a fashionable stunt?
To ask away with a hint of desire,
Before I judge the man with holy fire.

In vow I swore till ends of time,
How she fair this worldly prime?

Art: By the Master’s Side by pav327

Music: Guardians of Old by Step(Artist)

YouTube Version


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