Offer to the Star

Requiem for the Star

Upon to tread the backyard field,
Deeper he goes where forest wield.
A place of night where fireflies roam,
Haven stands to call their home.
Trailed to where of darkness reside,
The boy, alone, then felt alive.
And there in the center, lies a fainted light,
It shines a glow in the peaceful night.

For fireflies would dance the sky,
With gentle light that pleases the eye.
A silent wind that brush the eve,
Midnight spun its daily weave.
Shadow spawn he stays alone,
Fire flies around the stone.
In silent time the boy decree,
If wished and claimed that he was free.

And there not long this final day,
The fireflies are here to stay.

Art: Firefly Night by Birgitte-Gustavsen

Music: Requiem for the Star by SpyzViridian

YouTube Version


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