The Feather Recital

Birds and their Feathers

Words unlock the human soul,
Voice unleash the passion goal.
Laughter soothes the rage’s heart,
Sadness cries by sad or happy start.
But find not words to voice invite,
But another sound to ears delight.
A chorus of wings of symphony play,
A tune of music to brighten your day.

Yet what sound to employ?
What power to fill such joy?
Will you bring a silent ease
Or rock the stage with beated cease?
The flocks are in, prepare the song,
To bring and soothe amongst the throng.
Let it out to never hold back,
Play the passion of your track.

To hear the mix to work so hard,
Like magic strings, the feather’s bard.

Art: The Bird’s Symphony by Jon-Lock

Music: Birds and their Feathers by ErrorCell

YouTube Version


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