Little Lanterns


Little lanterns to sail the sky,
A light of flight that brave the high.
All that glitter on the darken shade,
By wishful chance, it could, be made.
For a little girl who lost from the light,
Taken upon in a stormy night.
Such to listen for her to hear,
How the land misses her dear.

As every autumn they hold the sun,
Paper and fire, together as one.
Like printed names to each a soul,
In hopes to pray to fulfill their goal.
Little lanterns, the glow must shine,
Shimmering stars, in a random design
Darkness welcome on the night’s insist,
For the little light continues to persist.

Of a little girl that lost the light,
Taken by shadow, hidden from sight.

Art: The Lights by alicexz

Music: Hope by ZuneInc

YouTube Version


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