Ode of Green (Experiment)

Tales of the Brave

Refuge spits of weary backs,
Terror spreads from crimson banner
That curse their deed and manner.

The beast taste their broken tracks,
Lock behind by morbid fate
Grasp for fear and hate.

Homeless weaves the spider’s death,
Quick and silent breath
Depart to dirt or road.

Settle path from shadow code,
Dancing green beyond the old
Never trust to what they told.

Fortune field of emerald wealth,
Statues dwell on paradise land
Bound by pride that’s more than man.

Never know but gears and health,
Engine roars the conquered sky
Countless stage that soar the high.

Journey stores from those that bring,
Know not good that they cling
On rupture start that left the past.

Bright and fearful cast,
Choose the pen or sword
And stand before the lord.

Art: Alms-Atias Refuge by andreasrocha

Music: Tales of the Brave by LunyAlex

YouTube Version


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