Ode of Red

The Abyss

Carpet dust welcomes to all weary guest,
Thus quality peruse the desire want
Step into the lair thy empire’s best,
Of bauble for wears, the tools to taunt.

Here’s to the scum, the wretch and the forbid,
Wicked minds that are twisted to relate
Never ignore the auction that must bid,
Life at stake as slaves now soon correlate.

Whores by abundance, torture without stock,
Item protrudes around every corner
Collect, to die, to browse by eager flock,
Body parts of kind of no such border.

Consider the choice the seller amend,
If you steel behind where money shall tread
Do dumbness beware the trust to lend,
Or swallow in gore of the bloody red?

Art: Black Market Entrance by Hamsterfly

Music: The Abyss by DamienFleisch

YouTube Version

Personal Note:

-This will be my last experiment of the Ode for awhile. I hope you enjoy this little test of mine and I apologize for the lack of content in the blog; I’ll be adding more in October. >:) Thank you for reading this little message


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