Calvin and Hobbes


Calvin stride on the great big star,
With Hobbes along to reach afar.
Out the dawn where gems in light,
A magic place they explore the night.
And time was still on here this day,
To play, to feel, this youthful May.
Of wanderlust they cross the land,
This strangely world that fill such grand.

Whether the wheel circles their fate,
No logic man would know to hate.
Such fragile youth the past can hold,
Leaflets of silver that turn to gold.
The man would rise to discard his time,
Imagine thrives that’s point to climb.
Yet none would guess his fateful star,
Could shine so bright from afar.

Calvin’s mind knows no bound,
Hobbes pounce at the corner around.
Their quirky days might left behind,
But the world was theirs to explore in time.
Life moves on on a gradual advance,
To seek, to claim, ambition of chance.
There’s not a day that limit his drive,
The world was his and the world is alive.

Though lost his sight of beloved friend,
Time and age would lead an end.
But for every life that’s come to view,
A room was there in place to do.
Little child, whose afraid of Trump,
Now gets a beat and apperantely stomp.
As Calvin solves with a single option,
With a courageous cat for his little Bacon…

Hobbes and Bacon

The Old School…of Bill Watterson

Art: Calvin and Hobbes by JonnyCupCake

Music: Flora by Rocket Science

YouTube Version


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