The Sand Rider

A Stroll on the Beach

Profuse sands that stretch the field,
Defiant by time of rock that wield.
For the rider cross the shifting sand,
In a moment to glance the wondrous land.
Protruded towers, far from the reach,
Structural form of the sleepy beach.
Where an eerie fog, present to shroud,
Upon the place of the lazy cloud.

Rider, whose dire quest of the world,
Not know the threat that’s present to hurl.
Be cautious, be aware, be bold in stance,
And hope that life is there by chance.
As every life comes to die and fade,
Lost by a quest, the failures of trade.
Not their hearts would wither by time,
Of a ladder that needed to climb.

For there’s a bridge to cross aside,
Post-keep haste to speed and ride…

Art: Horse at the Beach by Josh Calloway

Music: A Stroll on the Beach by Lucid Shadow Dreamer

YouTube Version


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