Tale of the Black Dragon

When the Love Falls

There’s a tale of a mighty beast,
Strand upon this old land.
His kind that send and fly away,
A place to where he stand.

As age and time begins to stir,
Shapes of the whole wide world.
Though lost and alone; he’s afraid,
Till he meets a lonely girl.

He gives it all that he once had,
The strength to pull her up.
With smile and charm and broken wing,
To make her tears gone stop.

Her eyes then stare the dragon’s face
All sad with dry up tears.
She stand up straight to touch his cheeks,
To feel his hate and fears.

The darkness that has dwell inside,
The regret that he now feel.
How long he wish to fly away,
To soar the clouds that is real?

Yet she turns upward to the sky,
The beast then follow forth
Their eyes become, glitter and shine,
A crack of the old, cold north.

There is a light from the other side,
Swear to hear the birds sing.
What await the beast and the girl?
What journey could it bring?


Art: Tale of the Black Dragon by Anndr

Note: “I have…no idea what I’m doing. Hope this fits well with you lot. 🙂


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