The Viking’s Home Party

Amongst the field it lives her rays,
That shine the sea and sky.
Before one moment, it frowns upon,
To wave them all goodbye.

The vikings, the vikings they hail,
Fierce with ego and pride.
But softie old heart, that’s the start,
Their beards go long for a ride.

They wait for him across the sea,
To hear the stories and wealth.
But in their heart, the core gone soft,
In worry of his health.

They pray the Gods, as fierce before,
Quality of content.
Winds that blew, skies grew dark,
The moods that fill to relent.

Days and night that quickly goes by,
Theirs life is quiet and bore.
They hope and pray, the skies of day,
In wish for something more.

Yet sounds of horn, rattle of drums,
To sail, to sail they’re here!
They go outside, the fields soon ride,
Look, over there, they’re here!


Art: Reunion of Vikky Family by Raphael Lacoste


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