Red and Black

Lament Forest

Within the forest lies red riding hood,
The good, the bad, and all that it stood.
From winter snow of its dying glow,
A lonely walk the darkness grow.
The beast reside, viscious with intent,
Always to feast the lives in content.
By ominous force of its blacken core,
The rabid hunger that craves for more.

Deaden silent, no leaves, no birds,
Hollow trees, lifeless from world.
This shadow journey that lies in the end,
Away from crowds of intelligent men.
As finale brings to nature kings,
Frozen field the whisper sings.
The girl and wolf, forever the two,
Inches to death their bond then grew.

On who to feast or face the axe?
Deliver the goods of a lady’s task.

Simple Rhyme Scheme…

Art: Within the Forest by Qinni

Music: Lament Forest by i-miss-u

YouTube Version


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