Three Prison’s

Invisible Prison

From silent vow of duty’s call,
Rise the feat or doom to fall.
By blizzard stone, this quest alone,
Redeem the past to must atone.
Thrice, to those, that he once cared,
For fear then dulls bravery and dare.
This silent act, this coward’s role,
Haunts the nightmares in successive goal.

Succesive goals it lashes it out,
Bringer of pain, silence and doubt.
No longer frail as innocence had died,
Into a suicidal beast the man defied.
By broken blade and crooked mind,
Desperate that makes him blind.
Never to think but degrees of pain,
Pale and grim, the eternal stain.

And does the three, sapphire flame inspire hope?
Or an obssesion for a man to cope?

Art:Three Prison’s by thatnickid

Music:Invisible Prison by Slintas

YouTube Version


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