The Elk, The Hare, The Robin

Winter Wonderworld

Deep in the woods was a lonely elk,
Who sighed and frowned and cannot but help.
All of his friends had dashed away,
As they soar up high on a magical sleigh.
For he wasn’t born with magical dust,
A normal elk that everyone can trust.
But long to hope he wish to fly,
Together with friends of the sapphire sky.

One night on a time of Christmas eve,
A place surreal his friends wouldn’t believe.
Softer than white of the gentle snow,
Colder than air it switfly blows.
To a field beyond the northern pole,
A strangely tale that mustn’t be told.
For he strolled then on to the border end,
To meet a critter, a rabbit it lend.

So here was a story of the lonely elk,
Alone and afraid without a cry for help.
His eyes was glued on a tiny, white light,
A rabbit no less that glow in the night.
He followed the hare in the blizzard of storm,
Deeper the trail, no path or form.
His friends wouldn’t dare, not air or ground,
Not even the guts to have another round.

As thick it shroud in a frosty hail,
The trees grow dark and cold it wail.
Winds that gust in a hurricane,
No fear or joy but a whisper remain.
The elk then ponder and ponder some more,
This burning drive that is coming to store.
For the guide was there, this tiny, white light,
A rabbit, no doubt, that glow in the night.

As the wind then puff and puff at work,
Courage the elk, he strided on the murk.
Until at last the storm passes on,
Along with the hare, vanish and gone.
Now alone in the empty space of dark,
No warm or light to fill his heart.
And as the fear begins to swarm,
Something give pause in hysterical alarm.

A robin, brighter than St. Nick’s suit,
Landed upon on the antler’s root.
And with a tweet a light then appear,
Gold, red and blue revere.
The look on the elk’s joyous face,
Filling his heart with jubilee and grace.
But he never knew the tiny, white light,
The rabbit, god bless, that glow in the night.

Art: Christmas Wallpaper by Sofia Golovanova

Music: Winter Wonderworld by FuNaNdMoRe

YouTube Version

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy soon to be New Year 🙂


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