The Lady of Flame


Across beyond the jagged stone,
A little girl that is all alone.
And there she found, to give or take,
That carve a way for mind to break.
Blood demands in rite’s forbid,
Of power, of chance, the moment to rid.
this little ache that burn in her heart,
The price and cost of her grimful start.

Fire consume her right and thoughts,
Meld into down that she had wrought.
Another form of concubine’s dread,
In lady of flame the path has lead.
Silk as the gentle, precarious viper,
Her mind soon rots with form another.
This creature of rage that whisper the ear,
Honeyed words to the faith of fear.

What she was to describe her form?
For she was gone, a lady had born.

Art: Playing with Fire by thatnickid

Music: Aureola by etherealwinds

Youtube Version


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