The Smoke Child’s Dream

If there was a word, nobody would tell,
Of how a boy made a wish from a wishing well.
He dreamt of a place to get away,
On better fields he gladly stay.
For he’s in a world of smoke and ash,
A proper poor for the rich to lash.
And momemt arise into a greater shape,
Before his chance to make a grand escape.

From crystal shards that bloom in the light,
Forgotten field that circle in the night.
By sacred earth, untouch by the rich of man,
As nothing would spoil this wondrous land.
Child of the smoke, bearer of air,
Parentless without love that nobody cares.
These sleepless moment for a fresh,new start,
But beware and pray of your blacken heart.

For nothing would shield the rot and stain
Of human greed and loveless pain.

Art: Forgotten Land by any-s-kill

Music: Gates of Paradise by iEloy


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