Feast to Red

Shifting Shadows

No rope or length could turn to back,
Against to guard that which to track.
Wanderer who seek of wisdom and tale,
Shall find so dark as cold as the vale.
For beyond the bridge of the silent leaves,
Carried by the playful wind it weaves.
Darkness welcomes to those that tread,
If those that feast a morsel head.

Crimson glow that invite such charm,
To bear intent to do much harm.
Like born, frightful like of a child,
Shall welcome thee before the wild.
Step to the light that dazzle the eye,
Beware the thorns the plant reside.
Yes…that’s right…approach to my lair,
For your life shall end in my care.

Such scrumptious meal, what a delight,
I see you now…welcome to the light.

Art: Woods by Sally-Jackson

Music: Shifting Shadows by blackattackbitch

YouTube Version


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