The Blue Bond

Pale blood that reek
And never shame.
Done by duty
To stay insane.
Body and soul,
Of aura that flow
That certain bond,
gradual grow.

This unbend call
Be here, be there.
Rest, that never
Could drift away.
Its heart intact,
By loyal blood.
Friendship and trust,
Loyal and pain.

This was then done
For master’s sake.
To be with him
For eternity.
A slave as such
Or is it truth?
Does it contain
The love to feel,
To fear…to hate?

And in the end,
Trap in a gem.
Left to its fate.
Gone to the wind.
This bond turn pale,
Does it remain
True to its word?
Or undertake
This silent path.


Art: The Blue Bond by kawacy


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