Endless to Breach

Against All Tides

What defines the layers of road?
Impossible means that run by code.
Does every light that fade from heart.
The face to grim realities to start.
For the goals to reign, to hold, to dream,
Honor, truth and passionate esteem.
Yet passage of gate, presentable sands,
Chromatic hands that change the man.

Gold to gaze, but fear remain,
Tangled branch a leaf sustain.
By worry and doubt that never change,
By cosmic minds from wider range.
Hearts forever break, goals shall reverse,
Nightmare crawls regret for worse.
Imagine lives succumb to fate,
By fallen days as all would relate.

But above the crawl of fear and doubt,
As high to reach a stranger’s route.
The sight behold shall shine the way,
Upon a path on brighter day.
If a child to be, do not despair,
Love and hope shall shield with care.
If fall from grace then grasp the pain,
Be the brunt the story remain.

Art: Layers of Impossibility by Arthur Blue

Music: Against All Tides by Beyond the Beyond

YouTube Version


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