Elder’s Night Light

Yellow Light

Here in a shop of light and dream,
Was an elderly man, grand and esteem.
For he construct in the darkest of night,
And open the eyes with his colorful light.
Topaz-like sun, pale diamond shine,
A beacon to all they dwell in resign.
But the elder was not in comfort of sleep,
As nightmare would claim, the horrible deep.

In awake his mind would dare not rest,
A terrible plague can inflict the best.
He squandered and pondered on how to beat,
This unbearable dream of twisted feat.
But nothing would ease his fragile soul,
Not even the light, he made, succeed his goal.
Forever be doom from this restless wake,
Before the demise of his mental brake.

Yet from the corner, a spark would appear,
A dwindling glow that’s small without fear.
And here, he gaze, startle in advance,
Of a peculiar mouse with an eerie trance.
Without such words his mind turn blank,
The elder collapse and sleep to be frank.
And from of dawn, the nightmares were gone,
But the mouse as well, from that day, and on.

Art: Bioluminescense by robrey

Music: Yellow Light by Stargenx

YouTube Version


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