Collective Branches

Branches that connects us all
with no leaves or flowers to spare.
We simply stand, rise or fall
wherever there’s love to care.

If full of leaves and flowers to bloom
all such splendor of color and shape.
We rage despite to make for room
like blankets on a midnight cape.

We dread and fear the loss of form
with no one to give attention.
The horror it builds before the storm
in a dark and wild suspicion.

True enough the ugliness appears
as eyes simply drift away.
Alone and lost we shed our tears
and mourn in defeat we lay.

Yet one remain to stay behind
as our eyes are shock to grieve.
A gardener to serve, to remind,
we aren’t alone to believe.

No matter how we stand, to gain of heed,
it all takes but one and not the rest.
That sole connection is all you need,
But that is just a second guess.


Art: Guardian of the Fire Trees by kovah

Music: Windmill by JappeJJ

YouTube Version



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