Black Market

Look to the busy streets that swell amount
and bear witness upon the deeds as black as heart.

What we find? What we get? Decision is for you.
Acclaim some lost, forbidden trinket or
the death in the grip.

Look to the broken, the damn, the restless ache.
Look beyond the average eyes that you retain.
Breach to the possibility that shatter such hope.
Bear witness the horror
that souls couldn’t cope.

This street isn’t meant for the weak and the weary,
not meant for the innocent eyes.
All would welcome in exchange for a price,
of good, of life, of body to give.

Yet once you caught by its interest,
the average is but a constant bore…

We find ourselves, wrap around by its vice,
till the addiction comes for more…

Second experiment…still unsuccessful…

Art: Black Market by janurschel


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