To the Words

When words
become bricks to build a wall
of foundation; laid before the two
from different stance,
concluding in a game
which one would fall
if action place in shadow.

Their silent wars
that feign with words
that leave a choice to wake
of mind;
that follows
its betrayal.

Are they be the peace
where balance blurs
between black and white,
that many would turn
the other way
as power holds all?

Would destruction
allow to entertain the crave
to rage in wrath and pride?
That we may carry their words
of hammer, smashing against the wall
till dust forms under false oath.

While other cast
when people cry
that clean their mask
with countless oil to polish,
shining less gold and silver.
Selfish folk linger for selfish men
whose quality lack promise and fortitude?

Although shroud in water jugs,
containing colors to paint;
promise are built by bricks
which a face holds
intermix of emotional color.


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