The Oncoming Storm

Let us rewind from the prologue of time,
On how these two have come in a bind.

Melisa on the right, searching for a symbol,
With the stone she wield, magic gone up and able.
She craft the blue before a mighty staff,
Only to meet a band of bandit riffraff.
Engage at the fray that she never looses,
Every effort gain until she select and chooses.
Yet a beast in size, comes up in store,
Down the little girl for a bloody gore.

Hold on, the middle is on its way
Jaz has arrive that would save the day.
He best the beast upon his shield,
In glow of blue that few could wield.
Fate has given for these two to start,
Where the journey dwell, alone that they part.
Where secret and lies have come at a high,
The only thing left is to watch the sky.

Take heed and listen, stories to be told,
Tales that weave from the countless it hold.
To here they seek, approach by the storm,
From first to last, before eras were born.
As each would gather, discover and learn,
Secrets that fade of the magic to return.
What power would rise, the good or bad?
Could the world have a chance they never had?

This flow, this source, the power that bring,
Long ancient arts that would finally sing.
Notice two dots that muster with courage,
As each would triumph for unlimited knowledge.
Two at the road, best heed and beware,
The lady of the left would challenge and dare.
Down in a uniform, dress as a spy,
Guns cock and loaded by Lt. Bullseye.


Art: The Oncoming Storm by SupaCrikeyDave

Webcomic: MAiZ


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