Arise, arise, heroes be praised,
Take blades and swords, pens and trade.
The land once more, to fight the king,
Who fell by plague, rot had cling.
All must stand to take the throne,
Yet one shall bore of sin and tone.
With heavy heart that each shall fight,
Both of side from light and blight.

Winter Wolf that lead the clan of North,
With sword in paw and courage forth.
Would you dare against those that fell,
From grace of kings from the wishing well?
And if stand amongst those of dead,
Their lifeless shell surmounts with dread.
Wounds of score and path gone bleak,
The test of fate shall be at peak.

Far Seeker who tread beyond the rabbit field,
Adventure gain by the gold it wield.
For every path the journey hold,
By tricks of play of dagger’s cold.
And if you tread beneath the cave,
Where madness stares against the brave.
Hearts be torn and life be lost,
The test to give the worth of cost.

Grinning Blade with charm of the common rat,
Honeyed words with a blade at the back.
Pens that sharp define the fool,
In chance to use the life of tool.
If coin to voice of greater gain,
Rest would fall to fire and pain.
Friends that fell by betrayal of word,
The test to trust this broken world.

Forest Sister from the simple of bears,
Faith that spread with magic in spare.
Rot then grasp the plains of home,
Raven speaks with dread it roam.
Does one would stop this mortal threat,
When all of life gives fear to relent?
Succumb by death and consume the end,
The test that brave of evil men.

Four of hearts would travel the land,
Yet one shall rise, the rest would fall.
Arise, arise, heroes of Armello,
Take the fight that once stood tall.


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