The Cleansing Wyld

The Cleansing Wild
by Melissa King

Ever the stain grip to doom and vice.
Bleak by the chance that lead to worse.
Such bane would spread throughout the heart,
the soul, the fire to horrid form.

We tempt by countless deeds from high and low,
heroic by force or the sinister crime.
These bloody hand from throughout of time
shall have darkness
come to all that’s fair.

Yet beyond the shrouded feats of fate.
Carried few of the right would tread.
There to cure the crackles of rot
that peel the flesh
of such skin.

For the Wyld is humble, discreet and kind.
Born to counter the dreaded pain.
If one such cleanse to be free
for the choice to be
is the strength to let go.

Please give your love to Melissa King’s glorious artistry. Feast your eyes upon her splendor and check on her website.

Link: Melissa King’s Portfolia


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