Night Flight

Black as the sky of the distant pearl,
It spun the stars across the world.
Where city’s light meet refracted glare,
That shine the color with precocious flare.
For below the field of the mountain hill,
A child of youth with imaginative will.
He set the cage of birds and flock,
Who then take wing, beyond the rock.

The child would smile the birds of night,
Their freedom calls that soon gone flight.
Yet his eyes do wonder of the outer realm,
The stars, the void, the beauty of helm.
A ship that strings with purplish hue,
Gods the day, that scenery view.
For the house of light that lied beyond,
A single ray to reach the sun.

The child then leave the morning dawn,
But the night of flight did truly fond.
There his path was laid and forth,
To meet the stars, up high and north.

Art: Night Flight by ViaEstelar (Chris)


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