Mysterious Temple

Some would say legend speak out myth,
Tales of horror to give a goodnight kiss.
For none could truly tell of the past,
Of the random deeds that spun and cast.
As the distant lore the tales be told,
Few knew what lurk behind the cold.
Pilgrims tread to the silent stone,
Shall meet their fate the gods alone.

Venture the queer,the form display
Forsaken words of their godly way.
With ritual at place, sacrifice and gore,
Blood by thousand and thousands of more.
Yet some would speak in riddles and text,
Pass generation by the blurry content.
Some would say that stories speak stories,
To keep children in bed for parent’s orgies.

Question to deliver this children folklore,
Does this temple hides a secret in store?

Art: Some Mysterious Temple by jeremypaillotin


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